Have you been in a dark place and caused harm to yourself? Self-harm and self-injury are a physical response to emotional distress. Emotional pain can present physically without us even realising it.

We may be going about our day and something negative happens. This can trigger negative emotions and this can create pretty scary thoughts. Even though thoughts and only thoughts, they can appear very real to us. These scary thoughts can turn into self-harm/self-injury ideation.
On the other hand, nothing bad can happen and these can still come into our minds. This can be confusing and make us feel even worse, then before we know it, we may be engaging in self-harm/self-injury behaviours. Understanding these thoughts and interrupting them when they happen can put us on the road to self-care and self-soothing till the emotions have left our body completely.

Throughout the course of this tool, you will gain a greater understanding around self-harm and self-injury. You will also become aware of how to look after yourself and help others gain support if they are struggling.

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Settling the mind practice

Settling the mind practice by Jen Things to think about… How did this affect you mood? Do you feel more calm and composed? Did you enjoy this Tool? If so, why not bookmark this page and make some time to settle your mind every day!

Three minute breathing space

Three minute breathing space by Jen Things to think about… How did this exercise help you? Try this exercise often and see how it helps your mind and body.

Why I swim

Why I swim by Lucy All my life I have had an affinity with water, and I am lucky enough to live close enough to Coniston that I can submerge myself in her clear waters year in year out, forty-seven years and counting.  Starting when my parents first took me to Brown Howe as a… Continue reading Why I swim

Nature connection and forest bathing

Things to think about… Do you feel a connection to nature? What helps your wellbeing? Try out forest bathing in your own time and see how it affects your mental health and wellbeing.


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