Emotional distress is not mental illness – it’s an understandable and meaningful response to our history and circumstances.

What is Trauma?

Going through very stressful, frightening or distressing events is sometimes called trauma. When we talk about emotional or psychological trauma, we might mean:

✔️ situations or events we find traumatic
✔️ how we’re affected by our experiences.

Traumatic events can happen at any age and can cause long-lasting harm. Everyone has a different reaction to trauma, so you might notice any effects quickly, or a long time afterwards.

Here are some Tools to help with Trauma:

5 Signs of Unhealed Trauma

5 Signs of Unhealed Trauma ✔️ Patterns of self-destructive and out-of-control behaviour For example, participating in addictive behaviours (eating disorders, drinking, drug use), self-harm or injury, feelings of avoidance (promiscuity and excessive sleeping). ✔️ Staying stuck in victim perpetrator or rescuer roles They routinely seek out relationships with abusive partners, or take on the role of abuser,… Continue reading 5 Signs of Unhealed Trauma

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