5 Signs of Unhealed Trauma

5 Signs of Unhealed Trauma

✔️ Patterns of self-destructive and out-of-control behaviour

For example, participating in addictive behaviours (eating disorders, drinking, drug use), self-harm or injury, feelings of avoidance (promiscuity and excessive sleeping).

✔️ Staying stuck in victim perpetrator or rescuer roles

They routinely seek out relationships with abusive partners, or take on the role of abuser, or are compulsively driven to help others, often to their own detriment.

✔️ Anxiety or panic attacks that occur in ‘normal’ situations

If you find yourself reacting in extreme way to ‘normal’ situations, lashing out or letting your emotions take over, this could be a sign of resolved trauma.

✔️ Intense feelings of self-blame and unworthiness

This is usually paired with the belief that they are bad, unlovable, and damaged. They may even induce others to treat them this way.

✔️ Unable to maintain healthy relationships

They may avoid relationships and even may act unfriendly to protect themselves. Alternatively, they may have intense but brief relationships

Unresolved trauma can impact every aspect of our lives, but healing is possible!

To find out more about healing trauma and how to cope with your trauma please visit the trauma section for more.

  1. Am I behaving or feeling as if the event were actually happening all over again?
  2. Am I having a lot of emotional feelings when I am reminded of the event?
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