Talking therapies can help all sorts of people in lots of different situations. You may also hear them referred to as counselling, talking treatments or psychological therapies.

Talking therapy is for anyone who’s going through a bad time or has emotional problems they need help with.

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, involves a person speaking with a trained therapist who can help them understand certain feelings and behaviors. Therapy can help people deal with these issues by teaching coping skills or by working to eliminate them.

Talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, branches out in many different directions, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy, humanistic therapy, and more. Most of these types of therapies are available in both individual and group settings.

Here are some Tools to help with starting Therapy:

The Stages of Loss

The Stages of Loss The five stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – are often talked about as if they happen in order, moving from one stage to the other. You might hear people say things like ‘Oh I’ve moved on from denial and now I think I’m entering the angry stage’. Denial Feeling numb… Continue reading The Stages of Loss

How to Be Vulnerable

How to Be Vulnerable Whether we struggle to be vulnerable with our partner, friends, family, or anyone, here are some things you can do in order to be closer with your loved ones or friends by opening up and practicing being vulnerable… 1. Ask for what you need. When we’re hurting, it’s easy to dismiss our… Continue reading How to Be Vulnerable

Signs of a Good Counsellor

Signs of a Good Counsellor 1. They actually listen to you. Listening has to be the easiest part of a therapist’s job, right? Not quite. Listening is a multifaceted skill that involves much more than merely waiting passively while someone else speaks. A good therapist signals that they’re not only taking in your words, but… Continue reading Signs of a Good Counsellor

How COVID has affected my Mental Health

How COVID has affected my Mental Health How was mental health affected by the pandemic? Choose which of the following applies to you… Mental health support at university 392 young people answered questions about mental health support at their university: 34% felt confident that they can get mental health support at university if they need… Continue reading How COVID has affected my Mental Health

Preparing for counselling

Preparing for counselling by Cindy, CEO of SAFA Cumbria What questions could you ask the counsellor? What are wanting to achieve by going to counselling? What struggles would you like to address?


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