Voice Is Mine (a poem by anonymous)

Voice is mine

A flower doesn’t question itself

A lion doesn’t second guess its stealth

A piano can’t play a note wrong

A day it not a second too long

A faint noise that holds me stuck in my mind

A voice I can choose to fight or remind

You can be kind

As this voice is mine

A victory is each day I’m alive

A miracle is the ones I survive

A new set of eyes

I am sorry for the lies

I am here for you now

As this voice is mine

Thanks for reading.

  1. Do you think poetry could help you distract yourself from self-harm?
  2. How can you use your voice to get support or be kinder to yourself?
  3. Could you write a poem about how you feel?
  4. If so, get involved and we’d love for you to share and be featured on our page!


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