Song Writing for Mental Health

Song Writing for Mental Health

Whether we are aware of it or not, music has been shown to have a substantial impact on our physical and mental moods.

When music is considered pleasurable, the brain produces more dopamine, a chemical that responds to rewards. Music can also trigger the re-experiencing of a memory, which is very significant for those suffering from mood and anxiety problems.

Heres where you can start with song writing:

1.Start with a Prompt

Start with a writing prompt or use an outline but don’t necessarily worry about making something that’s good, just try about making something that’s  most important to you or something you’ve either struggled with or are struggling with as a starting point. Don’t beat yourself up if you come up with nothing on the first day it’s takes time to create

2.Start Small

Just spend today doing a little bit of writing, if you fall off even for day, weeks or months or even years it’s okay to just jump right back on this doesn’t have to be consecutive and it doesn’t have to be a race! You can do things at your own pace and you can be compassionate toward yourself now. 

3.This is about you, no one else.

The most important thing is to remember, is that this isn’t for anyone else, its your emotions and this is a tool to express and allow emotions out through music. Keeping your spirits high in creating but also allowing the low feelings to be heard through song. 

Talk about your ambitions, relationships, past or not talk about you at all, a story perhaps of something that interests you.

For some, song writing has really helped to accept emotions for what they are and breathe them into a new form.

  1. What inspires me to create music?
  2. How am I feeling right now, why and can this be made into a song?
  3. What music excites/empowers me?
  4. What music makes me emotional?


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