If you’re a music lover, you’ll know the power that listening to music can have. Have you ever listened to a song or piece of music and felt totally different after listening to how you felt before?
That’s no coincidence! It’s scientifically proven that listening to music can affect our mood.
No matter what kind of day we’re having, music can transport us to another place; it can lift our spirits, help us to feel calm, or even help us to process complicated emotions. Research shows that listening to music has heaps of mental benefits; like reducing anxiety, improving sleep, helping you to stay alert, improving memory function – even reducing pain!
Not only this, but music is an amazing way to connect to ourselves and to each other. Sharing music that moves us helps to empathise with others, and hearing something that we resonate with reminds us that we’re not alone.
That’s why we created Self-Care Sounds; a podcast that captures the music that moves us.

Each episode shares songs and words from our team and members of the community about what music means to them and why it helps. 

The Self-Care Sounds podcast works with the idea that music can totally transform our mood. We hope that it will introduce you to new music, offer musings on general wellbeing, and help you to feel connected to others and their stories.

  1. Have you ever listened to a powerful piece of music that made you feel different from listening to it?
  2. What types of music make you feel calm and soothe your anxiety?

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