How my low mood feels

How my low mood feels

words by Anon, illustrated by Michelle Russell

I am in a swimming pool, around the pool is busy. People sunbathing, laughing, eating ice-creams, loving life.
I am treading water in this pool, I feel as though I am getting tired but I can’t move from my position, something is forcing me to stay there.
My body is starting to ache and I am beginning to fatigue very quickly.
My mouth starts to go under water, I am coughing and trying to spit out the water.
I don’t understand why people do not realise that I am in trouble.
They walk buy the pool in their shorts and t-shirt waving and saying hello to me, but I am struggling to keep my head above the water.
I don’t shout for help because I am focusing on trying to help myself.
My arms start to splash in the water as I start to panic, I see people laughing and joking, looking and me and smiling, they think I am fine but I am not fine at all.

What words or ways do you use to describe it?
If you were to draw an image representing your thoughts and feelings, what would it look like?


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