Grief and Loss Therapy Worksheets

For those grieving a loss, there can be a struggle to connect with or express feelings. When that occurs, simple things like worksheets, which offer a set of prompts to reply to and tasks to perform, can help with recording emotions, assessing the level and phase of grief that one is experiencing, and moving the process (delicately) along.

Whether you are searching for yourself or someone else, below you’ll find a list of worksheets and PDFs catering to a broad audience that will help those in need through a difficult time.

You can find structured prompts and advice to follow as you process grief on this page:

Center For Loss: A packet of worksheets that guide someone after a loss, designed to encompass many different scenarios and a wide audience, from children and teens to adults. 

The Grieving Process: This worksheet is designed to help provide a primary education about the grief process and what it’s like when it gets derailed. The worksheet defines grief, normalises the process, and explains when it’s time to seek help. Use this worksheet during the beginning stages of grief treatment and bereavement groups. 

Grief Sentence Completion: This worksheet allows one to express themselves more easily with the help of prompts and begin the process of grief. 

Goodbye Letter: This worksheet is a writing exercise that allows one to describe the person they are grieving, unforgettable memories with that person, and lessons learned from the relationship. It will help build positive meaning associated with the lost relationship and begin moving toward closure. 

Broken Heart: Worksheets to help deal with feelings of loss and understanding grief that includes riding out the stages of grief, chutes and ‘love’ ladders, a HALT plan, and more. 

Interventions for Prolonged Grief: This worksheet provides solution-focused techniques and strategies to help one deal with loss and learn to continue functioning. 

The Stages of Grief: This worksheet is a popular one that refers to many stages of emotions that the bereaved experience. 

Complicated Grief and Its Treatment: This handout provides essential information on grief, adaptation to loss, complicated grief, and complicated grief treatment.

Managing Difficult Times: A Handout with included Worksheets that help recognise, anticipate and manage difficult times. 

Positive Psychology exercises: A PDF with three exercises that may inspire you to increase your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you. 

  • 1.) The Strengths Wheel
  • 2.) The Bull’ s-Eye Values Survey
  • 3.) Compassionate Chair Work

Worksheets for Children

Children have less experience and emotional maturity; therefore, it is challenging to work through complicated emotions when they lose someone. Grief worksheets listed below can be used as tools to help kids work through the emotional turmoil while grieving. 

Healing Activities for Grieving Children and Teens: This PDF has worksheets tailored for children and teens that can be filled out to better respond and understand their grief journey.

How Do I Feel Today: This Worksheet allows one to assess their emotions through drawing. 

Feeling Chart: This worksheets asks users to track their emotions throughout one week, using drawings to relay emotions that children may be unfamiliar with. 

My Memory Box: This worksheet allows one to remember the person lost and build positive meaning associated with the lost relationship. 

Stages of Grief: The Worksheet uses pictures to help children understand the different stages of grief as well as how to identify which stage they might be in.


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