Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying which can be by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, which intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally. Cyberbullying takes place using technology. Whether it is on social media sites, through a mobile phone, or gaming sites, the effects can be devastating for any person involved. There are ways to help prevent people from being cyberbullied and to help cope and stop the bullying if it does happen. It is another form of bullying which can happen at all times of the day. Cyberbullying tends to involve a number of online bystanders that can soon get involved with hatred slurs which can quickly spiral out of control. People who bully others online do not need to be physically stronger and their methods can often be hidden and subtle.

Cyberbullying can have a detrimental impact on a person life. Individuals who have been abused online can become self-conscious and start to have low self-esteem. This is especially true when such harassments are aimed at their physical appearances and looks.

Both victims and cyberbullying offenders have considerably lower self-esteem than the average person. This shows that cyberbullying cuts both ways. Since the feel-good factor is short-lived, nobody benefits from cyberbullying in the end.

1. Have you ever been bullied online?

2. How did it make you feel?

3. Did you know that the cyber bullies have low self-esteem and insecurities?


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