Heart tapping

Heart Tapping

So you’re

feeling overwhelmed with emotions right now, one thing I’ve learnt to do is called heart tapping:


✔️ Somewhere to sit 

✔️ a piece of paper and a pen

✔️ and 5 minutes alone with yourself

Firstly sit on a chair, or somewhere comfortable, Take a few deep slow breathes, close your eyes and take a moment to check in with yourself, how are you feeling? 

Maybe you are feeling tired, anxious, stressed, angry or in pain. Whatever feeling comes up for you, that is completely ok, give it a name. 

If you had to rate the level of that feeling, where 0 is no issue at all and 10 is the worse that feeling could be, what number would you give it?  Jot down the name and number for example: ‘Exhausted 8’ or ‘Guilt 7’ or ‘Angry 6’ whatever comes up for you is ok, simply acknowledge it and jot it down without judgement. 

Keep both feet on the floor 

✔️ Place a flat hand on your upper chest area 

✔️ Take some long slow breathes

✔️ Resting the heal of your hand on your chest wherever is comfortable, gently tap the flat of your hand/fingers on your chest

(Tapping strength, gentle and yet firm (this will be personal preference) we are looking to send a little tapping ripple through your chest and stimulate energy flow)

✔️ Whilst tapping on your chest, continue to take long slow breaths and without judgement allow your thoughts around the issue to gently come through.  Talk, rant, swear, whatever is needed to talk these things through for yourself, allowing time to explain what happened and how you are feeling right now; this can be internally or out loud if you feel safe to do so.  

✔️ Keep tapping on your chest and breathing, this time is not about anyone else, this is about you, about accepting and honouring your own feelings, and that that is ok.

When you feel you have said enough about the issue for now, keep tapping and breathing and repeat the phrase below three times:

 ‘Even though I feel…  sad/lonely/angry/tired/overwhelmed (use whatever word(s) feel right for you) I am ok and I accept that this is how I feel right now’

✔️ Rest your hands on your chest and take several long deep breaths, smile and say a little thank you to your mind and body for giving you the time to talk through this issue with yourself.

✔️ Take a moment to simply sit and breathe, notice how much calmer your mind and body feels now.  Check-in with yourself, how are you feeling at this moment, in particular how are you feeling about the issue? 

At the beginning of this exercise we gave the issue a name and number.  What has that number changed to now, maybe it was an 8 and is now a 6, maybe the number stayed the same and yet if feels different, maybe the feeling has fizzled out to a 2.  Or maybe it’s completely different, from say Anger 8 to something that feels more like Overwhelm 4. You are simply noticing your feelings; there is no fear or judgement here, simply observation.  Jot it down, make some notes if you would like to.  Maybe this would be something to work on next time when you have five minutes to yourself. 

  1. On a scale of 0 – 10, how am I feeling?
  2. (In a quiet room) Speak aloud whilst tapping your chest whilst breathing, what has been bothering me recently?


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